53 will be the highest dinner show in the GCC, this brand new restaurant in Dubai is entering the luxury-dining and experiential fun-dining scene with the focus of creating the ‘360 dining experience.’

Boasting stunning interior décor with views over the Dubai skyline from its floor to ceiling glass windows, inviting patrons to enjoy sundowners from an early evening that will evolve into a night to remember and a unique approach to multi-cultural and Mediterranean cuisine, 53 Dubai is set up to raise to the top as a Dubai-based luxury- dining and experiential dinner show brand.

53 Dubai creates an unforgettable experience, blending upscale dining with performing art and live entertainment, taking you through a journey throughout the evening. In an energetic culture, 53 Dubai transports guests away from the normal dining experience and allows them time to connect and engage while being entertained.

53 Dubai will offer a flow in the form of entertainment, starting from the cocktails, the bar, the décor, screens and the staff, the dinner shows will take place across multiple sets of elevated stages giving the opportunity to all guests to immerse themselves in all the elements of the venue, without taking focus from the dining experience.

53 Dubai has appointed renowned event and shows producer 53 Dubai, from Lebanon, with the task of creating original shows that will become not only 53 signatures, but a landmark in entertainment from the 53 Dubai to the world.

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